Millfield School


Review of School’s renewable energy strategy with recommendations to reduce energy use and maximise returns from installations.

  • Client: Millfield School
  • Key suppliers: Energy Gain UK
  • Completion Date: 2012/2013

Leading Energy led the evaluation process with this client to ensure best value for CO2 reductions and capital expenditure.

Sudden cutting of the government’s Feed-in Tariff rates meant a rapid response from the project team. The PV array also creates a high visual impact raising the profile of renewable energy systems on the site and complements the building’s organic design.

The design complements the organic shape of the building, which has a prominent position on the site with the roof being visible from the sports field. A large panel inside the dining room displays the instantaneous and cumulative kWh generated.

The architects DKA led by David Kent evaluated shading and PV layout. They designed the original banana shaped building which was built to avoid felling the Wellingtonia tree. The tree is now of considerable size and it was decided to design the PV system to avoid the shading of the tree rather than fell the tree which has become part of the landscape; a difficult dilemma, as always, when balancing ecological decisions with carbon reduction projects. DKA have designed a number of exemplar education buildings.

The tender was won by Energy Gain UK who specified Pangea Gallium enriched monocrystalline panels to offer higher performance after 25 years.

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