Hospice seeks electricity savings with PV

St. Richard’s Hospice in Worcester has decided to act quickly to install PV on their hospice before the degression of the tariffs at year end 2015. The 87% cut in tariffs means that the hospice will be able to benefit from returns over 16% with a cos competitive scheme being installed by Energy Gain UK.

Leading Energy supported the hospice by assessing the viability of the scheme, progressing critical planning and DNO approvals and running a speedy tender process. The successful contractors were chosen for their track record on commercial projects and prospective longevity in the difficult market conditions for PV.

The installer and hospice are working closely together to enable the manager to manage the hospice patient rooms and consultation areas to minimise disturbance.

The project anticipates savings of 3,860 MWh/year which will contribute to employing more nurses for the hospice.

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